Your Patient Journey.

At Cosmex our aim is to treat you as we would want to be treated ourselves.

Get in Touch

If this is potentially your first enquiry regarding aesthetic treatments please be assured that we are aware of the concerns you may be experiencing.  Please feel free to contact us to arrange a no obligation in depth consultation.  We do make a charge for this and you will not be wasting our time.  For our part we will endeavour to not waste yours and will provide an in depth consultation so that you are fully aware of the various options that exist, the results you can realistically expect, the contraindications and the likely cost.

Time only travels in one direction and life is our journey through it.  Everything we do in life has an effect upon our bodies, consequently we see our relationship with our patients as a journey.  It is not about a quick fix or an inappropriate treatment for a quick profit.  We believe that what we do should enhance your life and help you to be the best you can at each point along the journey.  Our bias is to be minimally invasive.  Prevention or early intervention is vastly preferable to trying to undo decades of neglect.  It is cheaper, more pleasant  and the results are invariably better.

That is why it is important to at least talk to us as soon as you start  to think about aesthetic treatments.  We will not try to sell you inappropriate treatments or products but we will give you invaluable advice for both the present and the future.

Book Your Consultation

To initiate the booking of your consultation you can either complete the consultation request below or call us on 01223 846363.  Our opening hours are shown at the bottom of the page and outside these times please leave a message and contact details so that we can respond to you.

We do work to an appointment system and are pretty good at keeping to the schedule but do sometimes slip a little.  The actual consultation will typically take around 40 minutes.

There is ample parking at the clinic and we are located next to Waitrose and just 3 minutes from the M11 junction 11.  We are also only around 400 yards from the Trumpington Park and Ride.

Your Consultation

During your consultation we want to understand your concerns and what you would ideally like to achieve.  We will then give you our advice which will include the available options, the results you can reasonably expect, any contraindications  and the cost of treatment.  We will endeavour to answer any questions you have so that you are fully informed before you decide to proceed with treatment.

You will then be given time to reflect upon your decision before treatment begins.

The content of your consultation will be tailored to your needs and could include one or more of the following:

  • Skin analysis  – For this we use a skin analyser that views the skin at x30 magnification and by using different types of light we can better reveal the nature and extent of your conditions.
  • Hair analysis – When assessing a patient for PRP hair loss treatment we are able to measure the hair density (hairs/square centimeter) and hair thickness to an accuracy of around +/- 2um
  • When consulting for body contouring we will measure weight, % body fat, % body water content and BMI.

The purpose of these measurements to to give a clear start point that we can measure improvements against.